The Dating Game

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Can there be any question that dating is a game? Someone, usually male, who excels at it is a player, capable of playing the field. There are objectives, and strategies, and other players to compete with. But if dating is a game, what can games teach us about dating?

Scoring Points and Making Friends

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Today is the day BennyDNGR reaches 10,000 points, the first person in DNGRBeats to do so. It’s his turn up on the DJ decks, and people are starting to buzz about getting him to the 10k this round. “Benny, let’s do it,” says Smash City. Benny starts playing Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around.” It’s an unusual choice for this crowd, who are used to listening to ambient electronica or aggressive drum and bass, but Cash is a classic. “10k or not, this deserves an awesome,” chimes Hypo-Luxa. Halfway through the song, he breaks the 10,000 mark, and the crowd goes wild.